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The Rent Guidelines Board voted to allow 1.5 percent increases for the second six months of one-year leases. Tenants had pushed for rent reductions.
A 1737 house in Providence, a 2013 home with a swimming pool in Oklahoma City and a one-bedroom condominium in San Francisco.
The region’s housing market is recovering not just from the pandemic, but from Hurricane Dorian in 2019. And that recovery is in full swing.
If you’ve been working hard in the garden all spring, you may be ready to put up your feet and relax. Not so fast.
In this Ocean County township, where housing prices are substantially less than in surrounding areas, ‘everybody’s so nice and down to earth.’


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Main: (281) 817 7400|Toll Free: 1 (855) 617 5553| Fax: (281) 402 6651 |
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| 1407 W. Clay, Houston, Texas 77019