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He fought to spare Grand Central Terminal from the fate that befell Penn Station. He also helped draft a landmarks preservation law that became a model across the country.
A new room in Manhattan, billed as ‘one of the quietest in the world,’ is designed to help developers and architects defend your ears.
Under current New York State law, landlords are not required to offer new leases to market-rate tenants. That could soon change.
Putting the best possible face on a property in just a few sentences requires finesse. Sometimes the descriptions go overboard.
More than 1,000 terra-cotta sculptures — of firefighters, mermaids, steelworkers — adorn the walls of Parkchester in the Bronx. Is there a plan to protect them?


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LawFord’s goals & core values include luxury, integrity, freedom & excellence, all geared to our clients. At LawFord, we set our expectations high accomplished with a friendly disposition, unwavering dedication to clients & actively giving back to our community. We believe success in real estate is achieved by building a brand that is appealing, unique, forward thinking & modern.


Main: (281) 817 7400|Toll Free: 1 (855) 617 5553| Fax: (281) 402 6651 |
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| 1407 W. Clay, Houston, Texas 77019